The story thus far

Responding to the calls of an exhausted, lone rider, six members of the Leriel militia rode to the rescue of Orp, a village under Leriel’s protection. Too late to save the community from the torch, the heroes battled raiders from the Blue Feather Clan, a small Ymodi tribe making its home along the cool bogs to the southeast.

After making friendly contact with the Red Feather Clan, themselves aghast at the actions of their kinsman, the six found the trail and pursued the madmen into the marsh.

Wounded and in some cases sick with poison, the militia abushed, fought, and defeated the remaining Blue Feather raiders. Little was to be gained from the horrific bloodshed beyond Maeryn Orp’s signet ring, a grim trinket marking his passing and the end of his household.

Guided by Red Feather scouts, the injured adventurers were led free of Ymodi land and back to burned Orp, where a suprised cadre of Leriel’s finest greeted them and protected them back to Leriel.

The injured and poisoned were healed at the Temple of Ilvir and the six rewarded by Maeryn Orp’s widow with 100gp apiece.

The new duty rosters show reduced militia duty for our heroes, with matching schedules and an appreciative captain of the guard


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