Character Creation

Creating your character

Some character types are more likely to be from certain areas than are others. Three human cultures, the fae folk of the woods, and the occasional Dwarf or Elf are found in and around Leriel. Starting characters should be from one of these races which will be discussed in more detail later on.


Abilities will be generated using “4d6, best 3, 7 times, best 6”. This generates above-average characters, meant to have an impact on the world.

Character Class and Race

All classes and races can be found in Northern Harn, and Leriel is no exception. Classes requiring large populations or advanced learning (the magically-oriented classes) are in short supply. Leriel is a frontier, and some of the subtler specialties of the civilized south have yet to take root. This does not mean that a Magister, Mage Blade or Akashic cannot be chosen, it simply means they are unlikely to be “homegrown”.


There are no alignments in the Arcana Evolved ruleset, into which you must shoehorn your character’s outlook. Characters decide for themselves what is good or evil, the way real people do. Villains still do terrible things to further their own goals. Heroes still make sacrifices to stop them. Instead of nine alignments, there are an infinite number –each character is his own alignment.


With inevitable variations and prejudice arising from cultural and geographical differences, almost all inhabitants of Harn share a common set of metaphysical beliefs. They are pantheistic, believing in the existence of ten major (and hundreds of minor) deities, and share the same myth of creation. Most worship only one deity.


All characters know the native language, Jarin, and an additional number of languages equal to the intelligence bonus. Literacy is not common, but characters with an intelligence greater than 7 can be expected to write in Lakise, the trade language with a script similar to Harnic. Table of languages


With rare exception, characters have some sort of trade or profession that supports them, or supported them, before becoming a first-level character. In addition to adding depth to both the town and the characters, it can always be beneficial to “know someone who knows someone” when trying to get information.


Remember, though complex manufactured items cannot be normally purchased in Leriel without a high markup, this does not apply to gear purchased as part of character creation. Starting gear represents savings, heirloom items, gifts from friends, and the like, not a massive outlay of cash. See the entry “Can you get it in Leriel” on the Leriel page

Character Creation

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