A word on class names The Arcana Evolved ruleset does not work from the assumption that the Mage Blade calls himself a Mage Blade any more than a Warmain calls herself a Warmain. The “Mage Blade” class is simply a framework to build whatever your concept of “longsword/lightning bolt person” is. In fact, adding those details creates a part of our shared world that wasn’t there before. “I really wanna play a Jedi, part of a small Counsel of Jedi who try to make the world a better place.” is a pretty good concept. Come up with a name for the org and use the Mage Blade class to build your PC. With the possible exception of “Magister”, no one would refer to themselves as the framework character class they are built on.


Masters of memory, these expert, skill focused characters draw upon the collective knowledge of all beings called “The Akashic Memory”, functioning game-wise as a mystic-flavored rogue. Leriel is far too small to support a real Akashic’s guild, the resources needed for a true understanding of the phenomenon prohibitively expensive. An Akashic in Leriel is either a visitor from far, far away, or a self-taught local for whom things have always weirdly come easy.


Seizing on a cause they feel called to defend, champions are warriors with abilities inspired by belief, the D&D Paladin being but one example. True to tradition, Champions come from just about anywhere. They can have problems much like that of the Warmain class—Chivalric weapons and armor are restricted to the nobles by law.


Masters of animism, greenbonds are spellcasters who call upon the power of life itself. Most greenbonds in the area are adherents of Ilvir and Leriel is home to one of the largest temples to the “Maker of all”.

Mage Blade

Walking the thin line between warrior and spellcasters, a mageblade in Leriel is likely a troublesome student of the Prince’s advisor or an exotic foreigner. As with all spellcasters, a high charisma is often the difference between being burned at the stake and a Gandalf-like welcome and celebration.


The consummate spellcasters, focusing power through their magical staves. A Shek P’vari from Melderyn in the far south, even with all that distance, is the most likely source. A student of the Prince’s advisor is certainly possible. As always, the line between trusted local and swinging corpse is thin indeed.


Fidelity and devotion given life, this is D&D’s monk without the eastern influence. There are no local training areas for Oathsworn in Leriel. Of course, Oathsworn can be forged in tragedy without any formal training.


A direct port from the PHB. Leriel is too small to support a real Thieves’ Guild— everyone knows almost everyone and serious thievery is virtually unknown. There is a fondness for the heroic rogue, using his talents to plunder ancient ruins. Rogues from a more traditional background come from afar or are self-taught.


Spellcasters who work through the study and creation of magical runes. This path is almost uniquely Dwarven and a PC would either be a Dwarf or an unusual student of one. Alternately, the Ivinians have a runic culture as well.

Totem Warrior

More at home in the wilderness than in a city, totem warriors have bonded with an animal spirit that grants them amazing abilities. The Ymodi tribe has a strong totemic tradition, as do a small number of wild elves deep in Ymodi territory


Wild or skillful, unfettered are masters of derring-do and a blur of precision in combat. Unfettered are comparatively common in areas like Leriel, where heavy armor is hard to come by and sometimes harder to explain. Unfettered come from all walks of life and nearly all cultures, the dwarves being a common exception.


The unfetterd’s equal, yet opposite. Heavy armor and massive weapons ruling the day. Wearing chivalric armor and weapons is a crime (think Knight’s Tale) unless one is born of noble blood. A character could be a cousin of the Prince of Leriel, or the son of his master-at-arms. Alternately, the player could simply be claiming high birth and have to deal with those complications as well.


Spellcasters who focus on the magical nature within themselves. Usually focused on a theme like ice, or fire, or song, these are the true wildcards in Harn. Similar to 3.5 Sorcerers but with a theme. A witch could be part of a small organization, a member of a secret society, a lone practioner working from heirloom books, or a scared child coming to terms with unexplained ability.


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