The general name used to refer to the various species of humanoid creatures such as kobolds, goblins, orcs, hobgoblins and ogres.

The Gargun of today bear little resemblance to the largely non-aggressive creatures that existed in small populations scattered through Hârn from around the time of early Jarin settlement in Hârn. The fast-breeding, aggressive modern Gargun species are a result of the foul sorceries of Lothrim the Foulspawner.

A Gargun tribe has one fertile queen and one king. The queen lays gelatinous eggs which if nurtured with rotting offal , hatch into fully functional adults with racial memories. This preserves Gargun culture from one generation to the next. Infertile females are called princesses and are among the most vicious fighters of the tribe. Competition among males to become king, (thereby gaining access to the queen) is ruthless. Few kings survive more than a few months.

Gargun constantly squabble, and maim and kill each other. They have an abiding hatred for the Khuzdul and attack any dwarves they happen upon. The two races have a long history of mutual animosity dating from the Carnage of Kiraz

By choice, Gargun eat only meat. They are cannibalistic at need, and enjoy human flesh; sometimes they kill their food before dining. As a rule, gargun are nocturnal. Sometimes vast numbers of Gargun go berserk and warnt across the countryside destroying all in their path.


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