Class Features

Hit Dice: d6

Skills: The greenbond’s class skills are Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge(Ceremony), Knowledge(Geography), Knowledge(Magic), Knowledge(Nature), Listen, Speak Language, Spellcraft, Survival, and Swim.

Skill Points: 4+Intelligence bonus

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Greenbonds are proficient with all simple weapons and light armor.

Spells: Greenbonds have access to simple spells and all spells with the plant or positive energy descriptors. A greenbond may choose to ready any spell he has access to, provided he can cast spells of that level. He readies spells ahead of time, any of which he can cast up to the maximum number of spell slots available to him for each given level. To ready or cast a spell, a greenbond must have a Wisdom score of at least 10 + the spell’s level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a greenbond’s spell is 10 + the spell’s level + the greenbond’s Wisdom modifier. A greenbond’s spells have only verbal and mental components, which imposes no spell failure chance due to armor. Bonus spells for greenbonds are based on Wisdom.

Nature Sense (Ex): A greenbond can identify plants and animals (their species and special traits) with perfect accuracy. The greenbond can determine whether water is safe to drink or dangerous.

Infuse With Life (Sp): A greenbond can call upon the positive energy of life and bestow that energy upon himself or another creature. With a touch, he can heal 1d8 hit points + his level a number of times per day equal to his Wisdom bonus; greenbonds with no Wisdom bonus can use this ability once per week.

At 4th level, the amount of healing increases to 2d8 points + the greenbond’s level and continues to increase every three levels thereafter: 7th level 3d8 + level, 10th level 4d8 + level, 13th level 6d8 +level, 16th level 8d8 + level, 19th level 10d8 + level, 22nd level 12d8 + level, and 25th level 14d8 + level. These changes increase the amount of healing, not the number of times used. For example, if a greenbond has a Wisdom bonus of +3, when he is 1st level, he can infuse someone with life three times per day, each time healing 1d8+1 points. At 4th level, he can still heal only three times per day, but each time now heals 2d8+4 points of damage.

At 25th level, the greenbond can apply one of his infuse with life uses to affect a creature as if he had cast perfect health. He cannot do this more than once per day.

Nature’s Gift (Su): Once per day, a 2nd-level or higher greenbond can use his connection with the Green to draw on the power of nature and infuse it within himself. He must be touching something solid and natural (the ground, a bit of unworked stone, a plant, an animal, or a beast) to activate this ability. He gains a divine bonus equal to half his level. The greenbond can add this bonus to any d20 roll he makes in the following round. He can impart this gift to an ally he touches during the following round (the ally must use the bonus in that round). He can even divide the bonus among up to five allies that he can reach during the round, giving each a portion of the bonus as he decides. Thus, a 10th-level greenbond could grant a +2 bonus to two allies and a +1 bonus to another.

Starting at 12th level, the gift’s divine bonus lasts 1 round per four greenbond levels (maximum 5 rounds). Thus, an 18th-level greenbond could grant a 4-round divine bonus of +9 to one ally (or himself), or +3 to three allies, or +5 to one ally and +1 to four others. Each round, those granted the gift can use the bonus on any one d20 roll of their choosing. Trackless Step (Ex): Starting at 3rd level, a greenbond leaves no trail in natural surroundings and cannot be tracked.

Bond With the Green (Su): At 5th level the greenbond gains the ability that gives his class its name. In a four-hour ritual that he conducts in a private setting, the greenbond gains an intuitive sense of the condition of the land—a literal bond with the Green. This means that if the land is harmed in any way (for instance, a forest fire, a famine, or a disease) within one mile per greenbond level, he becomes aware of it and gains a general understanding of what is happening. If he makes a caster power check (DC 25), he gains more details, such as distance and direction.

For example, say a bestial cyclops band is hacking down trees to burn in a huge pyre. A 7th-level greenbond four miles away becomes alerted once they chop down about 25 trees. All the greenbond knows is that numerous trees are dying rapidly. If he makes his caster power check, he knows that it occurs four miles away and the direction. He still does not know specifically that the cyclops band is the culprit.

In order for an event to trigger the bond, it must affect an area at least 100 yards across or involving at least 25 creatures or large plants (such as trees). Natural, daily events, such as predators hunting, do not alert the greenbond.

At 15th level, the greenbond undergoes a three-day solitary trek into the wilderness, eating and drinking nothing other than special herbs and water. This experience increases his bond with the Green so that plants surrounding him infuse into his body. From that point on, he is no longer considered a humanoid (or whatever type he is), but a plant. Anything that specifically does not harm plants will not harm the greenbond. However, he remains a living, thinking creature, so mind-affecting spells work on him, and he still has a discernable anatomy, so sneak attacks and critical hits affect him.

At 20th level, the greenbond undertakes a spiritwalk, communing with nature spirits for nine days, during which he is simply absent from the world. After this period of communion, he no longer need make Diplomacy checks when speaking with nature spirits—they will always speak with him willingly (see below).

At 21st level, spirits actively seek out the greenbond to tell him news that is of interest or importance to him.

At 23rd level, the greenbond can take the shape of a tree as a standard action, if standing on solid ground where a tree could potentially grow. There is no way to determine that the tree is actually a greenbond—even magic does not reveal him to be anything but the tree he appears to be. While a tree, the greenbond cannot move or take actions other than to cast spells or use abilities that affect only him. For example, he could cast plant armor on himself while he was a tree or use infuse with life upon himself. None of this requires movement of any kind on the part of the tree-greenbond. What’s more, the greenbond must root himself in natural earth and take on the form of a tree for eight hours each day rather than sleeping. During this time, he remains completely aware of his surroundings and can change back. The eight hours need not be consecutive. Due to this transformation, the greenbond needs only sunlight, water, and the touch of the earth to sustain him. He no longer requires sleep, air, or food.

At 24th level, the fusion with plants that occurred at 15th level becomes so complete that the greenbond’s anatomy changes to resemble a plant. His skin takes on a greenish sheen. He no longer has a discernable anatomy and thus becomes immune to sneak attacks and critical hits.

Percipience (Su): Starting at 6th level, greenbonds can see and hear nature spirits otherwise imperceptible to mortals (unless a spirit wishes to show itself). The character finds this ability disconcerting at first, because it makes him realize how pervasive spirits are: They are everywhere, all the time— although only rarely do they pay attention to the actions of mortals. Greenbonds sometimes become alerted to danger when the nature spirits of an area are upset or absent.

Speak With Spirits (Su): The 8th-level and higher greenbond can speak with the spirit of a tree, a brook, the air, or any other part of nature that he touches. Once per day he can ask a spirit a question with a one-word answer. Generally, only natural things have spirits—wood made into a door or water in a fountain usually has lost its spirit. The spirit is not omniscient. It knows all observable facts about its surroundings, and can answer any such question with 100 percent accuracy. For example, if a greenbond asked the spirit of a river if any people on horseback had crossed it in the last three days, it would be able to answer the question. A spirit’s surroundings are never more than a 100- yard radius, however—a river miles long has many spirits. A spirit has a 75 percent chance, plus 1 percent per level of the greenbond, to know the answer to a question about things farther afield, such as, “Is the dragon still over the next hill?” It never knows the answer to a question pertaining to the future or to the thoughts of another: “Can I defeat the dragon in battle?” or “Does the dragon know I’m here?”

To convince the spirit to give an answer, the greenbond must make a Diplomacy check. A failed check might result in no answer, or it might result in a lie (DM’s discretion). The check’s Difficulty Class depends on the type of spirit: Spirit DC Water spirit 10 Wood spirit 15 Air spirit 18 Animal spirit 20 Stone spirit 30

At 14th level, a greenbond can ask a question that requires an answer of up to one word per greenbond level or a series of yes/no questions—one per greenbond level. Spiritform (Sp): At 17th level, the greenbond can make his body into a spiritform for up to one minute per level. Spiritform allows the greenbond to become incorporeal for the ability’s duration. This ability is usable once per day.

<caption>THE GREENBOND </caption>
Class LevelsBase Attack BonusFortitude SaveReflex SaveWill SaveSpecial
1+0+0+0+2Nature sense, infuse with life (1d8+level)
2+1+1+0+3Nature’s gift (lesser)
3+1+1+1+3Trackless step
4+2+2+1+4Infuse with life (2d8+level)
5+2+2+1+4Bond with the Green
7+3+3+2+5Infuse with life (3d8+level)
8+4+3+2+6Speak with spirits (lesser)
10+5+4+3+7Infuse with life (4d8+level)
12+6/+1+5+4+8Nature’s gift (greater)
13+6/+1+6+4+8Infuse with life (6d8+level)
14+7/+2+6+4+9Speak with spirits (greater)
15+7/+2+6+5+9Bond with the Green
16+8/+3+7+5+10Infuse with life (8d8+level)
19+9/+4+8+6+11Infuse with life (10d8+level)
20+10/+5+9+6+12Bond with the Green
21+10/+5+9+7+12Bond with the Green
22+11/+6/+1+10+7+13Infuse with life (12d8+level)
23+11/+6/+1+10+7+13Bond with the Green
24+12/+7/+2+11+8+14Bond with the Green
25+12/+7/+2+11+8+14Infuse with life (14d8+level) or perfect health
<caption>SPELL SLOTS PER DAY </caption>
Level0123 4567 8910
* The number of slots is unlimited, except for purposes of weaving spells, in which case, treat as a maximum of 9.
<caption> SPELLS READIED AT ONE TIME </caption>
Level0123 4567 8910
All spells of that level available to the character are readied.

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