“Master of Araka-Kalai, Brooder in the Blasted Plains, The Serpent that Dwells Below, Accursed Lord of the Barren Cycle, Prince of the Fatherless Multitude, Craven Lord of the Sterile Lands.”

“Father,” I said, “I’m not doing things that the other Ilvirans are doing, and I’m getting worried that I’m not following the Path correctly. Can you show me how to do it?” 

I had often gone to see the priest to ask his advice, because there were so many things about the faith I didn’t understand. Today was different, however: he stared at me silently for some time before answering. Then, nodding gravely, he motioned for me to follow him outside. He stopped next to a flower-lined trail near the temple, and began to talk at a slow and measured pace.

"This long stretch of dirt is called a path,” he said, gesturing grandly. “Walking it is simple. You just put one foot in front of the other, or thereabouts.” I protested, trying to interrupt, but he cut me off. 

“You’ll want to stare at the ground the whole time, I imagine, to avoid tripping on something. Personally, I’ve learned much more from falling over than I have by keeping my feet, but it’s not, as you say, correct. Oh, and don’t get distracted by those flower blossoms. After all, if you want to do it correctly, you mustn’t get caught up in the beauty all around you, because surely it’s more important to walk flawlessly than it is to notice your surroundings.”

Finally he finished, and I just stared at him, dumbstruck. Everyone talked about what a wise man he was, so how could he be so dense? I chose my words carefully, trying not to insult him. “Now, Father, that’s not what I meant at all. I’m afraid you’re missing the point entirely.”

He gave me a queer smile. “Funny, that’s how I feel about you,” he said. With that, he turned and walked back into the Temple.


Ilvir is the only god who actually lives on the island of Harn, dwelling in deep caverns north of Lake Benath known as Araka-Kalai. (Most other gods live on the magical plane of Yashain.) It is, in theory, possible to go to Araka-Kalai and visit Ilvir, but few apparently choose to do so. Ilvir is a shapechanger, and he takes whatever shape suits him at a given moment; he is therefore usually represented by symbols. His favorite shape is that of the Serpent, a giant gelatinous worm able to exude appendages or create organs at will.

Despite his proximity, Ilvir is not a popular god except among certain cultures. Ilvir has little (or no) concern for most human affairs, preferring to spend his time creating strange life-forms known as the Ivashu. Ilvir’s worshippers have many different viewpoints, lifestyles, and morality. Most stress individualism, creativity and chaos. Sects of Ilvir appear and vanish quite quickly.

Clerical orders of Ilvir

  • Order of the Yellow Hand
  • Order of Chuchulaen Wheelwright
  • Order of the Ochre Womb
  • The Second Order
  • The Conclave of Meamyt the Hermit
  • Order of the Pia-Gardith
  • Order of the Seafarer Ibenis
  • Order of Sudelrhynn the Bearer of Loam
  • Order of Tuarbalt the Golden Limbed
  • Enclave of the Verdant Pool
  • The Dark Order


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