• Jarin1- Common language for Jarin, popular with the dwarves and elves who learn a human language
    • Harnic1- Spoken in most civilized nations. Used as tradetongue.
    • Orbaalese2-Official language of Orbaal today.
    • Ivinian2-Still spoken by first generation settlers.
    • Ancient Jarinese2- Dead language
    • Tribal Jarin3- Spoken by the Anoa and Ymodi.
    • Gargun3- Each Species has a separate language.
    • Khuzan2-The dwarven language.
    • Sindarin4-The elven language.

1 Alphabet is called Lakise

2 Runic alphabet

3 No written language

4 Script is called Selenian

Note: The languages are not subsets of Jarin, I just couldn’t get this to format correctly.


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