“Shieldmaiden of the Worthy Cause, Guardian of Dolithor, Protector of the Brave, Lady of Paladins, the Unwilling Warrior.”

The city was in flames, fire and smoke filled the air mixing with the screams of violated women and dieing children. Agrik had come to this city, and left his mark upon it. the buildings lay in ruin, burnt to the ground, hundreds of years wasted in construction only to be broken in a single night. Sir Edouard’s blood burned at the sight. He’d served the lady for year upon year, but never, in all his days, had he seen such a sight. Those who devote there life to helping, aiding people, were dieing down below, at the hands on heartless, moraless, beasts. He sounded the charge with a scream, and the flow of white that was his army charged down over the hill, checkard shields glinting off the fire light. This battle would be Larani’s, and Agrik would know…the weak and helpless, have a protector.

Larani is the goddess of chivalry, nobility, and war for the just and righteous cause. Most of Larani’s followers are members of nobility in the so called “good” kingdoms. While the nobility only accounts for a small percentage of the population, their wealth makes this church one of the most politically powerful on Harn.

Followers of Larani follow the Chivalric Code. They believe that it is the obligation of the nobility to protect the lower classes, but it is obligation of the lower classes to respect the nobility and their divinely given station. Most knights follow Larani. When fighting an “evil” foe, they often offer quarter, but accept none. All their actions are tempered by a sense of justice. This justice may be somewhat stern at times, but it is still always present.

The antithesis of Larani’s Church is that of Agrik. Members of each church are deadly foes of the other.

Worship of Larani is proscribed in Rethem. Known followers of Larani in that kingdom often find themselves the next Agrikan sacrifice.

Clerical orders of Larani

  • Order of Hyvrik.
  • Order of the Spear of Shattered Sorrow.

Fighting orders of Larani

  • Order of the Checkered Shield.
  • Order of the Lady of Paladins.


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