• Location: Kingdom of Orbaal
    • Status: Seat of the Prince of Leriel
    • Government: Prince of Leriel
    • Population: Approx 450/Approx 1,000 outlying

The largest settlement controlled by a Jarin noble in Orbaal, Leriel is one of the oldest permanent communities in northern Harn. Located near the upper reaches of the Anoth River, the castle is the remnant of “Jara that once was”.

Leriel is governed by the Prince of Leriel Eamonn Marwyn. The Prince spends most of his time here. There is a small council of the wealthier merchants who act in an advisory role primarily on economic matters.

About 450 residents live in the town and in the Prince’s castle. Most of them till the fields outside the town walls. There are about 20 farming hamlets within a day’s walk of Leriel (15-20 miles), each of which has about five families of around 20 people. Each hamlet has a fortified townhouse to which the residents can retreat to in case of a raid. There are also some isolated farms and a few estates of minor nobility.

In all, there are about 1,000 people dependant on the Leriel market for goods they cannot make themselves, and who would retreat to Leriel in case of an invasion.

The racial mix in the Leriel area is predominantly Jarin. Less than 10% of the population is Ivinian, and perhaps only 1-2% faen or other non-humans.

Leriel is the site of the most important temple to Ilvir. The temple is run by the Order of Sudelrhynn the Bearer of Loam. The high priest of the temple, Llastefan of Trythe, is the nearest equivalent of an Ilviran primate of Hârn. The settlement’s relative proximity to Misyn makes it a favorite assembly point for pilgrimages to Arak Kalai.

Can you get it in Leriel?

Orbaal is very much a frontier kingdom, lacking many of the advantages found in the feudal monarchies and city-states to the south. Leriel, while a major population center, is not large enough to support very many craftsmen. What’s more, some of Leriel’s craftsmen aren’t quite as proficient in their chosen trade as their counterparts in larger communities.

Prices for simple items in Leriel are the same as those given in both the Player’s Handbook and Arcana Unearthed. More complex items, such as crossbows or a chain shirt are not manufactured locally. These items may be purchased from passing merchants, but the markup is considerable; typically 100%. This does not apply to gear purchased as part of character creation. Starting gear represents savings, heirloom items, gifts from friends, and the like, not a massive outlay of cash.

“Simple” magic items like scrolls and potions are very expensive and almost never available for purchase. Sale or purchase of permanent magical items is unheard of.

The regions surrounding Leriel


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