A word on magic

A majority of the population equates magic (the loud, visible sort) with demon worship and the monstrous Ivashu that sometimes make life difficult. A spellcaster would do well to make friends with the townfolk or scare them into submission. While one or two superstitious villagers are easily befriended or cowed, a mob is hard to placate and a spellcaster who fails to be politic in his remarks is likely to be burned at the stake.

There is no line between “Divine” and “Arcane” magic and Priest is a title awarded by a temple, not a character class. While the Priest of Ilvir in Leriel is a Greenbond, he isn’t the priest just because he is a Greenbond.

Magic and The Law

Virtually all cultures have laws against the practice of witchcraft. However, the definition of what witchcraft is varies from culture to culture. Witchcraft refers to magic and spells, so that witchcraft laws do not normally apply to priests and churches. In order to convict a priest of witchcraft, one must first prove him capable of magic.

Most cultures define witchcraft as consorting with demons, usurping faith with magic, and performing necromancy or witchery. The vagueness of these definitions has confounded the magicians for centuries. Fortunately, most civilized nations no longer use the ancient tests for witchcraft, preferring legal trials instead.


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