There are two civilized peoples in Orbaal; The 8000 Ivinians who rule, and the 65,000 Jarin who do not. Over twenty years ago the Jarins rebelled against the Ivinian invaders and were brutally put down.

The Kingdoms Of Jara

Before the Ivinian invasion, Jara was a series of petty kingdoms. There was no overking, but rather a crude form of feudalism that more resembled tributary states. Relationships between most kingdoms was peaceful, with the princes of Leriel, Lorkin and Lethwyn being the most powerful.

The first Ivinian invaders who stayed in Jara were outlaws in Ivinia. Outlaws and pirates who captured Sherwyn Keep. Over the next twenty years a series of invasions by small branches of Ivinian clans put an end to the kingdoms of Jara. The Ivinians judged the Jarins to be weak, cowardly and disorganized, and unable to band together to stop the threat from the sea.

The Kingdom of Orbaal

Orbaal was proclaimed a kingdom by Hagined. He held Geldehiem and gradually annexed and conquered his neighboring clans until he had so much wealth and power that the rest of the Ivinian kingdoms submitted and agreed to pay tribute.

Alegar was Hagined’s eldest son and the second King of Orbaal. It was during his reign that the Jarin Rebellion occured. Alegar’s lover at the time was the Agrikan priestess Melkea Akarne of the order of the Kukshin. With the help of her fighting order, the Crimson Dancers, she took Quimen and publically tortured the Jarin lord there for three days. This spurred the two years of sporadic revolts that were not unified enough to drive out the Ivinians.

Alegar II currently rules Orbaal, but not very well. He is concerned that the demands for tribute from Ivinia will soon be pressed, and paranoid about the possibility of loosing his throne to a more powerful Ivinian clan. Clans Verakaar and Tandir are openly hostile, and his half brother, Methgar, the son of Alegar I and Melkea, is also considered a threat, though no one actually knows where he is.

Ivinian Society

Almost all the land in Orbaal is held by clans, which you enter by birth or adoption. The clanhead is the Valhakar, and his council is made of males with three or more wives, called the Thrangaad. While the Valhakar is elected for life, any member of the Thrangaad can challenge for leadership by combat. Other clan members have little say in clan affairs, they do what they are told or opt out of the clan. Clan wealth is held in common.

Ivinian society is polygamous, and women generally take subservient roles. High bride prices encourage young men to take place in raiding activities and the taking of war brides. Women may claim the rights of a warrior for as long as they remain a virgin and undefeated in combat.

Jarin Society

Like the Ivinians, the clan is the base of Jarin society. Jarin clan chiefs are often called Princes, though they rarely have the power of their Ivinain Valhakar counterparts.

Jarin warriors are honored by their clan members, but they lack the military might of the Ivinians. Women are subservient, but are not chattel, and either a bride price or a dowery may be paid, depending on the circumstances. It is rare for a woman to hold land, but not unheard of.

Orbaalese Government

Feudalism does not exist in Orbaal, but rather a pyramid scheme of alliance and tribute among both the Ivinians and the Jarin. Internal administration is a matter of indifference, with most matters being handled by the head of the clan. The tribute is usually determined by a head tax assessed on anyone over seven. The punishement for hiding is the death of the “non-person.”

The legal system is vendetta law. Jarin have few rights and little power outside of the lands they still hold, though a small, disorganized group of wealthy Jarin in Geldeheim act as advocates to King Alegar.


The most prominent religion among the Ivinians is the worship of Sarajin. Some young women are attracted to Agrik as a way of maintaining their independance.

Among the Jarins, the worship of Ilvir is most common, while Siem is also a popular god. The influence of the Order of the Kukshin over Alegar I resulted in the proscribing of Larani and competing Agrikan orders in Orbaal. Naveh and Morgath are also proscribed.


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