Order of Sudelrhynn the Bearer of Loam

Location of Temple: Leriel (main temple); Gwaeryn

Early History – 600 TR:

This order was founded in c. 180 TR by schism within the Order of the Ochre Womb. The establishment of a temple at Ochrynn by the Ochre Womb and its subsequent control of access to Araka-Kalai upset many. They felt that the orderwas denying worshippers the chance to experience Ilvir’s presence on a personal level. The split was cordial, with the new order maintaining good relations with the “parent” order. Clerics from this order consistently endorse a personal approach to Ilviran worship. Most of its clergy are encouraged to spend some (if not all) of their active years as mendicant preachers. The Order of the Ochre Womb was refounded by clergy from this order in 358 TR.

Recent History 600 – 700 TR:

As the oldest, continuously functioning order (The Ochre Womb, whilst older, has been founded three times) it is the most highly regarded of all orders. It maintains a policy of refraining from getting involved in the dispute about the selling of Ivashu, believing in its fine tradition of individuality that this is a matter of personal conscience. It is significant that the Orders of the Pia-Gardith and Seafarer Ibenis did not appeal to this order, but to the Ochre Womb about the Ivashu policy.

Modern History 700 – 720 TR:

The order under the leadership of the High Priest, Llastefan of Trythe, took no “official” part in the Jarin Rebellion, although many of its mendicant clergy offered spiritual support. Llastefan is considering giving his personal views about the Ivashu policy in a sermon during the pilgrimage of 720.

The Name:

Sudelrhynn the Bearer of Loam in Ilviran doctrine is the first Ivashu created by Ilvir. He is a unique Ivashu, often portrayed with large, cup-like hands in which he carries the clay from which Ilvir fashions his creations. Some members of this order believe that the “Cloaca of Ilvir”, the greenish sludge found in the Wose River, is the slurry or slip created when Sudelrhynn washes his hands in Ilvir’s Court.

Order of Sudelrhynn the Bearer of Loam

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