People of Southern Orbaal

Characters are most likely residents of the area within 50 miles around Leriel. The following information suggests just where a particular class or race might have come from.


Most humans in the area come from Leriel, Gwaeryn, or one of the dozen or so small villages in between. These folk are the Jarin, and have a culture similar to the 12th-century Celts. The Jarin are a people oppressed, but Leriel is southern enough that it maintains Jarin rulership. The conquering Ivinians consider it too far south to rule directly, instead demanding tribute. Leriel remains a hotbed of anti-Ivinian sentiment. Other humans come from the barbarian nations that occupy the vast wilderness, The Ymodi and the Anoa . Characters looking for a primitive, primal background will likely be from one of these two tribes, which are known to trade for civilized (metal) goods from time to time. Finally, a human character could be one of the Ivinians (blondhairs) themselves. A clan-based Viking culture that is moving into a feudal model. Perhaps the character is exiled for some reason, or a runaway slave.


The elves of the area are far, far more xenophobic than their counterparts in other fantasy settings and keep to themselves. They are found these days in their ancestral lands in the deep woods, sometimes trading with the Anoa, sometimes responding violently to any outsiders, particularly Gargun (Harnic Orc).


What remains of the dwarven population is mostly represented by Derval Ironeater’s extended family in Leriel. A few live in Gwaeryn and a few more in Pethwys. Among the ones that remain, many long to regain the lost glory of the vanishing dwarven race.


Since the Ivinian conquest, Faen are slightly more common in southern Orbaal than they used to be. For the most part, Faen have little interest in the predominant Ivinian activities of fighting, slaving and raiding. They find a kinship with the Jarin, for whom a closeness with the land and a tendency towards mysticism is the norm. While no village or town has a known Faen resident, they may actually outnumber Dwarves in the area. Faen, like the Jarin, are the area’s natives.

Other races

The list above is clearly shorter than found in most fantasy role-playing games, but that doesn’t mean your favorite race may not exist at all. Small enclaves of just about anything could be in one of the millions of unexplored corners of Orbaal. These races are not likely to have had an impact on the land culturally, and may only have a population similar to that of a single, tiny village, only Ilvir knows what may have walked, thinking and concious, from his cauldron.

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