This campaign will use the 3rd edition variant rules for classes and magic presented in Arcana Unearthed. Resources are available to ensure players have the rulebook materials they need.

You will start as a character in the city of Leriel, the largest settlement controlled by a Jarin noble in the lands once known as Jara, now the Kingdom of Orbaal under harsh rule of the Ivinian clans. By the law of Leriel, you serve in the militia, giving you the opportunity to participate in several adventures.

Magic is not commonplace, and the average Jarin citizen is at best skeptical of one who wields it. People in positions of power often have a more pragmatic view, but a spellcaster takes definite risks with his status in the community by flaunting power. Many mages living among the Kvikir (a term for ordinary folk used by academy-trained magisters) do so beneath a front of belonging to another profession or craft entirely.

Leriel Campaign Guide



All characters know the native language, Jarin, and an additional number of languages equal to the intelligence bonus. Literacy is not common, but characters with an intelligence greater than 7 can be expected to write in Lakise, the trade language with a script similar to Harnic.


Life in Harn



A Brief History of Harn


Weapons and Armor


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