Leriel Regions

Amekt Range

The forested hills north of Leriel are filled with gargun and they are suspected to have a large underground complex there. In 710, a gargun swarm migrated northwest from this area through an as-yet unknown fissure in the mountains. Troops were called up from as far away as Leriel to protect Geldeheim and many lives were lost. A plaque commemorating the fallen militiamen from the Leriel area was issued and displayed outside Caer Leriel. Mockingly, the names are “Orbaalized” and references to Sarajin are sprinkled throughout.

High Moors of the near Himod

These gorge scarred hills to the southeast of Leriel, enshrouded in mist, are home for many sorts of gargun. It’s soil is too thin for farming, and it’s stone, mostly granite, is of too poor quality for mining. It is sparsely settled by the Ymodi. These tribes raise goats and sheep on the moors, guard caravans coming from the east, and fight constantly with the gargun tribes.

Laughing Hollow In Nuthela

This area lies deep in northern Nuthela and is known as an area where fey beings reside. Wild Elves have been reported there, as have pixies and other fairy creatures. The area was once a quarry worked by the dwarves of the Fallen Kingdom and is rumored to contain a passageway into the dwarves’ old home. It is reputed to be full of treasure, but no one has found the entrance and lived to tell about it. Some travelers report having seen and even spoken with a ”King of the Woods”, the chieftain of the Wild Elves in the area. To travelers simply wishing to pass through, he is said to be gruff and impatient at his worst. He has no time for treasure hunters.

Feather Clan Marshes – A small area near the junction of the Anoth and Nethil rivers.

This tangled mess is the home of several otherwise rare creatures. The most significant of them are the Ymodi feather clans. There are also known to be a number of dire creatures and giant vermin in the marsh, including some nasty carnivores. Some of the feather clans are organized around a leader known as Redeye. He is reputed to have magical powers and to have used them to rally about half the populace around himself. The others feud with this megatribe and each other. Redeye has contacted Leriel merchants for the purpose of trading rare swamp bird feathers and certain delicacies for weapons and other aid, but the Council of Guilds is apprehensive. Feather colors change with the seasons and spring’s Blue Feather clan can be winter’s Black Feather clan, making trust difficult for “normal civilized” folk. Not all clans are as friendly as Redeye’s.

Misty Forest (South of Gwaeryn)

This forest of pine and other evergreens covers the slopes of the western approaches to Himod. It gets its name because of the mists and fogs which creep down from the mountains, making navigation difficult on even the best of days. This forest is partially patrolled by the local Ymodi, who come down into the forest for hunting and wood gathering. The gargun use the protection of the forest for raids.


Built in 461, Pethwys is one of three major settlements still held by Jarin lords, the others being Gwaeryn and Leriel. Though smaller than Leriel and only matching a single keep to Leriel’s castle, Pethwys boasts both high-quality craftsmen and ever-growing merchant festivals, both imports from Leriel in recent years. Lord Felan Weymyss is forty-one, and given to fits of sullen moodiness. His younger sister, Mythyl, was married to King Alegar II as an assurance of peace in 712, but died under suspicious circumstances in 719.


Geldeheim is the seat of King Alegar II of Orbaal, valhakar of clan Taareskeld. Originally built by the Jarin as Lethwyn, if was captured in 668 and built upon up through 673. It is the strongest fortification and largest settlement in Orbaal and possesses a fine harbor, the Geldesfjord. Four keeps lie within the royal domain of Geldeheim: Ebein, Fjaga, Shien, and Zynholm. Each of these is held at the king’s pleasure by relatives. The Tarreskelds are related to clan Tarren of Menglana in Ivinia. The King of Menglana has often claimed tribute from Orbaal with little success.


This is a major village of about 200 inhabitants, including a few dwarven realtives of Derval Ironeater in Leriel. The town is very similar to Leriel in general design and lifestyle, but it is farther away from the main trade routes and is less important commercially. Built by the Jarin in 388, the keep is now being upgraded to stone. Lord Symael Aeryn is thirty-seven and a soft spoken and seemingly gentle man.. He is a moderate who believes that given the time, the Ivinians will be assimilated into Jarin culture. He has little respect for the fanatical Jarin patriots.

The Way Inn -About 50 miles Northeast of Leriel.

The Way Inn is a small village of about 100 souls. Another 400 or so live in dependent hamlets nearby. The village is dominated by a large inn which shares the same name. Used as a base for adventurers, merchants, and hunters, the village maintains a force of archers called on to repel Ivashu, gargun, and other wandering creatures. The Anoa are also common in the area and a welcome buffer against the gargun. Plans are underway to fortify this area further, being the junction of overland trade with Lorkin to the east and Olokand to the south. Both the town and the inn are run by a stout, middle-aged man named Dauravyn Redbeard. His beard is now mostly gray.

Leriel Regions

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